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Swetrail Cargocenter GmbH

At Swetrail Cargocenter GmbH – the groups reloading and distribution terminal in Rostock - all groupage trailers are being reloaded every day. For northbound cargo all trailers from all various origins arrives at Swetrail Cargocenter with goods to all over Scandinavia. Here – goods for each destination are loaded to same unit for direct deliveries.

For example;

A unit from Munich departures in the evening day 1. It arrives at Rostock following morning day 2. The goods is reloaded to various Swedish regions, Malmoe, Gothenburg, Stockholm etc. Those new units loaded with goods from all other trucks with same destination, departures with the ferry at 16.00 day 2 and arrives at port of Malmoe in the evening same day - day 2 for Malmoe, in the morning day 3 for Gothenburg and Stockholm well in time for delivery to all customers same day – day 3.

Cargocenters strategical position – direct at the birthing place for the ferries to Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia gives also the advantage of indoors reloaded units are trucked onboard by each ferry lines tug masters direct from indoors the terminal onboard the ferry - no stop at any unguarded park area.